another (pho'shopped) portrait from oic.. i don't know but i keenda like this one. heh.



the most adorable little girl sat for us today.
this one got sold! ./glee



was working a booth shift at Sitex. how can you resist when you're surrounded by Cintiqs and new Bamboos and Intuos4s?!


30 days, 30 nights in beijing

October was spent in Beijing. which explains the lack of update for that month eh. :D
a bunch of us headed up to CUC [Communication University of China] to collab with their animation students to produce a short animated clip, approx. 1 min. of course, we being the epic ones, blew up over there. the first week spent sightseeing and soaking up culture, the second week discussing and developing our story concept, the third and fourth weeks spent machine-gunning production to make this work.

extra character design, done in like 5 min, haha. this little guy has the cutest walk ever. i'll upload the walk cycle someday.

various backgrounds for the 2d animashun portion in our animation short. colors by me, lineart by Nigel.

various costume designs for the fashion shoot portion. the character is a 3d render, we just slapped 2d clothes and texturespam on him. colors by me, lineart by Nigel, post-processing by Evelyn the PingPong Queen. hey that rhymes!

this trip wouldn't have been possible without the help of the 2 lecturers with us, Mr Chris and Zihao. REALLY. SERIOUSLY. i think we would have kinda.. spontaneously combusted or something without their miraculous lifesaving abilities.
i think this is one of the best overseas trips i've ever been on, everything was great; the food was great, the people were great, the weather was AWESOME. we saw snow! wallowed in snow! built snowmen [lumps, more like]! had snowball fights!

..excuse me while i squeal in the corner for a bit.

of course, not like it was my first time experiencing snowfall, but it's really.. wow. i don't think it ever fails to amaze, especially if you've been living practically on the equator your whole life.

well, but now i guess it's back to reality.. with 30 days of wonderful memory. :3


moving mountains

1.5 hours, i'm slowing down D<

Clint Mansell's Death Is The Road To Awe and Lux Aeterna on repeat.

referenced from random mountain search on dA.
yes, mountain-painting with fZng, wow.



the composition should be largely familiar.
more schoolwork, cuz i'm too lazy currently to upload personal stuff, haah.

because in that place where there is both darkness and light,
the stuff of nightmares can't get to me.
i feel safe.
and i will stay safe,
no matter what it takes.
even if it means the walls will never break.


the zookeeper's boy

pretty inspired after watching a short film on Van Gogh's paintings in the omnitheatre, so i attempted something.. also related to some school stuff that i thought was gasp, overdue but in the end i did it for nothing..
/slaps self

techno tribal.
if you patronize the F21 online catalog you'll know why. theme forced on me by Ange. curse you, fellow online shopper who shoves pretty internet tabs in my face. D:


only human

and we are all only so much.

30 minutes, morgan le fay wannabe.


dust in my eyes

playlist: the great decay by the great spy experiment on repeat

oic stuff coming up once i'm not too lazy to scan and if they're not too horrendous.


bossa nova

moar studies. i should get around to doing a full piece soon.. but my confidence is all but ebbed.. sigh.

speedpaint session: just assassin.
he can keel you with spoons if he feels like it kay. oh man i can feel my brain juices leaking out of my ears.


and it was all yellow and blue

there was no warning, no sign.
his eyes simply shut, and he fell into a sleep from which he would never wake again. the hunters who had pursued him, who had wanted the glory of slaying the great beast, who had been his mortal enemy and yet closer to him than any other creature to the very end, they all wept for him, for the passing of the earth's last dragon.

30 minutes this time. whoo.
playlist: coldplay


big fat load of

this looks different on my desktop than on the school macs.


scrawl upon me litany o' misdeeds

impression of impression, sunrise.

switch your Facebook language to English(pirates)beta. 8D


midnight doesn't feel like it

i never get sick of 千と千尋の神隠し. or sticking chinese/japanese characters on my stuff. 8D


the great decay

just some heads for practice. 1.5 hours approx each.


incredibly horsey

from top:
a rare sighting of schoolwork! 10 speedpaintish studies from random photos/paintings. the original plates are either the right or top ones. looks best when each is viewed in 25%.

another screenspeedy, this time from The Incredibles. first one i'm starting straight from color instead of grayscale like i usually do. foliage is time-devouring. D:

speedpaint, 45 min. wasted the other 15 in the loo and looking for references. that is, not in the loo but.. you get the point.
theme was future noir/antihero and/or horseman and/or angel warrior. i actually like this a lot, my first time speeding a horse. references from Tobias Kwan's Horsemen sketch and dA.

i had air for dinner today. :C



more screenspeedpaints, shots from the movie The Color Purple. never watched it though.
caught STAR TREK. that is some epic shit.


aluminium midget

more screenspeedpaints, this time from the Iron Giant. kinda easier to do since it was more stylized. 8D



result of an after-school screenspeedpaint session with my friends held by Shawn Ye, who's also my digimatte/drawing lecturer.
it's my first attempt, so forgiveness plz for unimpressiveness. there was one more left unfinished, because i totally wrecked Keanu Reeve's face and asianified him.

coming up, subwaysketching. eat fresh.



was looking through some a lot of old photos for drawing homework when i stumbled across these. taken very very long ago by my dad when he was much much younger [and hotter HAHAHA] when he went to Japan 90275690724 years ago.

i think i'm falling in love with film photography..
goes off to fiddle with my lomocams


ma maison

just a little bit of what i've done on and off during the past seven weeks of break.. heads, eyes, arms. you might recognize some references from various books and dA.
school's reviving, but i'll still squeeze in time for these sort of practices, hell i really need it bad.
commishes appearing soon i hope.. once i survive the first week.


stripey sunshine

Restoran Todak, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

shot with Sony Ericsson W980 phone. abusing the b/w setting. whoopee.
do these look better as separate photos or as a whole montage thingum? D:


seems like

i won't be doing much painting after this one, mebbe a couple of practices, but my attentions will be focused on other areas in dire need.
hah. stay tuned.


burn. burnnnn.

and as the world burns, a single piece of heaven falls from the sky and whispers away to nothing.

texture spam 8B



speedpaint.. thingum. theme was monster attacking vehicle or something along those lines. doesnt mean i need to paint the entire monster out hurhur >D

HAPPY NIU YEAR. me and my moooooooronic puns.