we are back

Bunch of studies based on me jumping to random coordinates in Google Maps


safe and sound



this city

This is our town


and in that moment, I swear we were infinite

Second in my road trip.. series? Is this going to be a thing now?



Google Hangout sketching, the theme was medieval-fantasy so here's a quick one of an annoyed armored lady. Equipped Sports Bra for +10 Agility. 
I don't usually draw this sort of stuff much, I probably should try harder at it.. I'm always so jelly when I see all the awesome work from all them fantasy concept artists.

so this is goodbye

Weekend getaway up in Sequoia was amazing! Cave exploring, eating ramyun under the Milky Way while shooting stars flew by, having homemade sandwiches on a rock while staring at a wandering bear, idling in the shadows of giants (trees that is).. Yeah, amazing.


the moon is down

A friend's (belated) birthday art request for Totoro!
I have to admit, it's not one of my favorite Ghibli films.. Maybe it's true what one of my teachers told me that you gotta watch it at a certain age to enjoy it. I probably watched it when I was too old hahaha



This week marked the end of my 10-week Motivarti workshop, Story In A Picture with Richard Keyes. It was an amazing experience and I learnt a whole lot! Our final assignment was a triptych narrative, the theme I picked was 'a discovered affair'. My first ideas were actually about scandals in a film noir kind of setting, but it was so overdone and cliche I wanted to try something different and lighthearted. It resulted in a boy discovering his hero's secret passion..


Box 15

Google Hangouts has been really motivational in getting me to paint daily!
jumping on the Pokemon bandwagon a little late, but better than never!
this here is called a Bulbgey according to the Pokemon randomizer fusion thing.


Venus ★ Power!

my favorite Sailor!