oic @ TNAG

some portraits of people i did at the open house of TNAG.
happy messing around with brush pens and Copics.
have i mentioned how much i love drawing girls? seriously.

robots are for something that.. never quite made it.
but it's okay, i like em. :D

and yes, i'm falling in love with brown paper! really digging the texture and the color. anyone knows where i can get more in loose form? [i ripped these out of various sketchbooks, breaks my heart]

picky prototype

i just want to draw.

something so simple, yet it seems so impossible to do in this world.
feeling really lost right now, should i continue down this path, or head off while it's still not too late? i don't want to waste my time being unhappy and worn out, but is it just me being particular about what i want, and not what i really need?



R.I.P. >:

yes, i just finished Gundam 00 S1. currently in spazz mode gahaha.


something that never went anywhere.



for one of the best people in my life.
here's wishing you a very happy birthday, mel! good times ahead :D
and poof, it became koko krunch.