Day 16: a landscape
30-Day Challenge
wanted to get that moody/dreamy Ghibli feel.. did i succeed?



Day 15: emulate a style you've never tried
30-Day Challenge
an attempt to create a portrait with crazy colors..
inspired by my friend Jake's amazing gouache portraits!



Day 14: your favorite book character
30-Day Challenge
Scribbleboy - i remember this bok so vividly because it inspired me so much. i picked it up when i was 12 and it left a huge impression. not just the story, but also the illustrations that accompanied it - they were done by one of my favorite artists, Chris Riddell!


Day 13: flora/fauna
30-Day Challenge
a child of the forest and of the village, he belonged to neither. the trees raised him, but he could not be a tree. the village children ran when he appeared and the villagers threw stones if they saw him. the animals hid when they saw he was two-legged. his only friends were the leaves that fell from above, fell to him. discarded like he was.


interrupting the dailies.. just a sketch done on break. trying to get more of a feel for a style i really admire but find hard to grasp :0



Day 12: favorite season
30-Day Challenge
maybe because i was raised in a place sitting just above the equator, i think i would go crazy in a climate of prolonged cold. i love winter, i thrive in cold areas, but i would miss my summers too much.