the queen and her carp.

this started as an inside joke.. i don't know if i'll ever finish this without grinning stupidly every time i work on it.

a friend just informed me that looks like a piece of toast floating above her head! toast crowns ftw yall.

in other news, i'm going to be in Boston for 2 months! :D


pixar and forks

a post without any artwork!
finally got a chance to go down to the Pixar: 20 Years of Animation exhibition at the local Science Centre.
pretty amazing stuff, it's one thing seeing all these work in a published book, and another thing to actually see them on the scraps of paper or canvases they were originally created on.
and the Toy Story zoetrope! it's like magic! but actually science. haha.

ramen fork, designed by Takahashi Masami for Sugakiya, a Ramen-ya in Nagoya, Japan, for their 60th anniversary.

is this like the coolest thing ever or what?! i want one! .. despite the fact i use chopsticks to eat noodles.. and i don't really drink the soup.. but whatever.



trying starting out with pure color instead of grayscale like i'm used to.
inspired and influenced by the ever-awesome work of loish.


nice people suck.

apparently so.
just some weird crap. have i mentioned how stuck i get when i'm doing landscapes?
maybe i should do more.



he's actually fictional, so i don't know if crossing over to the realistic-ish side was a good idea. i think i made him look like a fag little girl. owell. .____.

he's the most tragic protagonist/antagonist i've seen. >: