あの花 morning sketch.. i don't know, i'm not very satisfied with this one.

another half attempt but i'm still not happy aahh


something about the fire

a concept i did for a mural class i'm taking currently. i do wish i had incorporated more graphical edgy styles into this, i somehow end up with really fluffy ideas most of the time. there were more sketches/thumbnail ideas, but i haven't gotten around to scanning them yet. edit: sketch thumbs are up! kinda crappy lol but that's what sketch thumbs are supposed to be right? 8D
from top to bottom: sketch, black and white, color, superimposed on the actual wall for visualization and presentation

anyways this was chosen (yay) so there'll be a massive wall with this on it! super excited to get around to actually painting it, i've never painted such a huge piece of concrete before and i'm a little squeamish about heights but i think it'll be fun!



a submission for an exhibition my school's having.. each major only picks 10 pieces to show! i was scrambling to find something, but i didn't want to just hand up schoolwork - it's a personal thing i have about using school assignments to represent the stuff i draw.. i don't know, feels like it's not what i would want people to remember me by. 
so anyways, this exhibition was a good excuse to finally get something personal done.. ah, the thrill of working on a tight deadline. as for how this started out, i honestly just wanted to draw a pair of jeans i bought recently. and cute monsters.

a friend asked me about my work process, so here's an animated gif - click on it to see it moooove. i know there's a huge chunk missing from step 1 to 2, but seriously it was just getting the motion and flow of the picture and then refining the lines, looking at weird animal photos for reference or ideas.. yeah lots of refining. i don't really have a fixed working method or whatever, it usually depends on the style of the image i'm trying to create.