so, yeah, i thought i'd share some shots here not found in my other blogosphere.. at least i think they weren't shown there.

a whole shelf of LOMOCAMS found in a bookstore, Shibuya *A*

printed brolly in Nakamise-dori, Senso-ji/浅草寺, Asakusa, depicting the Sanja Matsuri/三社祭

prints and postcards for sale in Nakamise-dori, Senso-ji/浅草寺, Asakusa

some.. thing found in Roppongi Hills, one of Tokyo's most expensive residences

Osaka Castle/大阪城
birds sitting all in a row. i don't know why i took this, but i like it anyways.

Kiyomizu-dera/清水寺 , Kyoto
i really really love this shot. i love the lighting and colors. i love how it looks so caught in time.

street artist offering COPIC portraits

cool boards found in Canal City Mall, Fukuoka

hanging paper mobile
the detail on this is.. wow.

Kyoto International Manga Museum

yeah, just came back from Japan. damn it was awesome. i can't wait to go back!

The Kyoto International Manga Museum - never heard of the place until i was there. it's actually more of a huge manga library, with the oldest manga collections dating back to around 1967.

Anpan Man!

new alternative manga

shelves and shelves of manga

the old manga collections

colored illustrations!

yeah, as you can read from the shot. this gallery was actually pretty cute and funneh.

illustrations by someone called .. something Makoto? *gets shot* it was very pretty and sweet, but kinda freaky because of the eyes.

a gallery of artworks comprising of various artworks. pardon the blurry shots from hereon because photography isn't actually allowed in any of the galleries, so i had to do sneak snapping.