result of an after-school screenspeedpaint session with my friends held by Shawn Ye, who's also my digimatte/drawing lecturer.
it's my first attempt, so forgiveness plz for unimpressiveness. there was one more left unfinished, because i totally wrecked Keanu Reeve's face and asianified him.

coming up, subwaysketching. eat fresh.



was looking through some a lot of old photos for drawing homework when i stumbled across these. taken very very long ago by my dad when he was much much younger [and hotter HAHAHA] when he went to Japan 90275690724 years ago.

i think i'm falling in love with film photography..
goes off to fiddle with my lomocams


ma maison

just a little bit of what i've done on and off during the past seven weeks of break.. heads, eyes, arms. you might recognize some references from various books and dA.
school's reviving, but i'll still squeeze in time for these sort of practices, hell i really need it bad.
commishes appearing soon i hope.. once i survive the first week.


stripey sunshine

Restoran Todak, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

shot with Sony Ericsson W980 phone. abusing the b/w setting. whoopee.
do these look better as separate photos or as a whole montage thingum? D: