Happy holidays!



well school's out for the year, meaning that i'm bombing this page with homework stuff!

T-shirt design

Portfolio cd mailer design
it was a little tough putting this together because i'm generally useless in the physical craft dept

1-page comic illustration
wordless storytelling ftw

teacher: "do what you want"

Asteroid City, acrylic. learnt loads of application tips from this

GARUDA, gouache. check him out on wiki he's so badass

overall it was a pretty cool semester. i had the chance to take two classes with Luc Desmarchelier, who is awesome at what he does and his classes - i took Visual Development and Illustrative Painting - were really helpful. the amount of studio classes i took was a bit much this time though, so i'll be easing up next term to work on more personal stuff. 
for now, gotta run to catch a plane!


catch me

my screen printed poster at ArtCrank 2012 LAX @ Orange 20 Bikes!
honestly, i was so nervous because this was the first time that i was participating in anything like this and i was really hesitant if my work was good enough.. but i guess it turned out okay. meeting people who said they liked my art was a huge boost and it helped that one of my best buds was there with me too :]

here's the original digital design! colors look different when they're screen printed i guess.

also, i have extra copies of my poster because the studio that printed them - Two Rabbits was nice enough to print extras! if anyone wants to buy one, let me know!



some stuff from my travel sketchbook that i -finally- took the time to scan! these were from my school summer trip to Holland/France :D



all boundaries are conventions

i haven't been posting in forever! apologies to whoever still checks back, school has been hectic. here's a quick update on a recent event - CTNx! i was freaking out and squealing like crazy inside the whole time because of all the crazy good work and artists i met.

some loot from CTN. the amount of amazing artists this year was incredible.

a print and buttons from Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying!

i totally regret not bring my copy of Chop Suey for her to sign, but i got her latest collaboration book Catra which was still awesome. 

a tiny sketchbook gem from Nicolas Marlet, a Dreamworks character designer. he worked on stuff like Kung Fu panda and How To Train Your Dragon.

a couple of silent graphic novels from Federico Bertolucci. 
beautifully drawn animal-centered stories aren't they? *v*

a print and art book from Pascal Campion! i think this was my highlight of the day - i can't believe i had an actual conversation with him! and he saw my sketchbook -barely filled and with anything of substance at all oh god why did i do that?!?!?!- but he was a really nice person and i felt so encouraged after. 
talking to an artist I admire was intimidating at first, but it got better. 
i hope i didn't come off as some crazy girl to the artists i met, i think i was wearing a psychotic grin on my face the whole time. but seriously, the whole event was a really good experience. meeting industry professionals and seeing the work of other hopefuls like yourself is like a huge reality check. you understand how much better you need to be, how much more you need to push yourself in order to get up there. 


a bitter day

evidence that i'm still alive here. some vis dev stuff for school that isn't really relevant to the project but i still thought they were pretty cool and rather successful brain farts anyways.

also i'm thinking of restarting my dusty 30-day challenge too, i only managed to get to day 16 before i was overwhelmed argh



Day 16: a landscape
30-Day Challenge
wanted to get that moody/dreamy Ghibli feel.. did i succeed?



Day 15: emulate a style you've never tried
30-Day Challenge
an attempt to create a portrait with crazy colors..
inspired by my friend Jake's amazing gouache portraits!



Day 14: your favorite book character
30-Day Challenge
Scribbleboy - i remember this bok so vividly because it inspired me so much. i picked it up when i was 12 and it left a huge impression. not just the story, but also the illustrations that accompanied it - they were done by one of my favorite artists, Chris Riddell!


Day 13: flora/fauna
30-Day Challenge
a child of the forest and of the village, he belonged to neither. the trees raised him, but he could not be a tree. the village children ran when he appeared and the villagers threw stones if they saw him. the animals hid when they saw he was two-legged. his only friends were the leaves that fell from above, fell to him. discarded like he was.


interrupting the dailies.. just a sketch done on break. trying to get more of a feel for a style i really admire but find hard to grasp :0



Day 12: favorite season
30-Day Challenge
maybe because i was raised in a place sitting just above the equator, i think i would go crazy in a climate of prolonged cold. i love winter, i thrive in cold areas, but i would miss my summers too much.



Day 11: something you've recently watched
30-Day Challenge
コクリコ坂から From Up On Poppy Hill - wasn't as melodramatic as i thought it'd be, which was good. i loved the charm of the era.



Day 10: what you wore today
30-Day Challenge
luckily i had a date with a girlfriend, else i'd have to draw myself in a ratty pyjama tee.


Day 09: one of your belongings
30-Day Challenge
evidently my phone, encased in one of the coolest cases ever.



Day 07: something with your favorite color
30-Day Challenge



Day 06: something you've never drawn
30-Day Challenge
the batman was a bonus, because i just caught The Dark Knight Rises and IT WAS SO EPIC
also because it's Eco Friendly Day in Gotham



Day 5: draw a pokemon [Raichu]
30-Day Challenge
this is harder to commit to than i thought it would be.. but i gotta persevere! fighting!



Day 3: something cute
30-Day Challenge
Shiba Inu/Pomeranian. something in between because they're both such adorable dogs :3



Day 2: redesign a game character
30-Day Challenge
i picked Chun Li, because it was also part of a redesign challenge between Mel and i hahaha



attempting a 30-day Challenge, starting today!
theme of the day: one of your favorite foods (RAMEN!)
shio ramen with butter and corn is so good and so bad at the same time oh god
although it was probably a bad idea to be drawing ramen at 1am..



haven't been to a Portrait Day in agessssss
unsold stuff awwww



i'll be going to Holland/France for a couple of weeks and i'm getting psyched about it!
also, just caught Dark Shadows and am very in love with Maggie/Victoria's opening outfit


where will you go

massive dump of schoolwork from the past 4 months!

portrait drawings from life

figure drawings from life

my first ever oil painting! grayscale portrait, 9x12

grayscale figure, 2-3 hours

color figure, 2-3 hours

i really like this one

and this one too

master copy study (Eakins?)

color study of the next master copy

master copy (Auburn?)
i meddled too much with it and i don't really like how it turned out

color study of our final figure painting assignment
i like it better than my final result lol

final figure painting! done over 4 5-hour sessions

my favorite part of the painting. that hand

and random environment cuz we needed one for advancement portfolio review lol