au naturel

quick warmup.


fun filled biscuit treats

for a really really good buddy of mine :D
happy birthday!


OIC portrait day july'11

masterpiece in progress, by the great Bay.

collection of photos i took.
more people than i thought i would know appeared, and it was still fun despite the fact that i havent gone in ages. :D

and and there were Shiba Inus! *__*


where no islands should go

i got my free copy of Expose9 in the mail. :D

if you turn to P198, you might see something familiar.

it feels so surreal to see something you've done printed in a book alongside other very crazy awesome art. i'm going to try even harder for the next submission! thank you, Ballistic!


some very nice loot i got from C.XI.
art trades, free drinks, and cool artists. :D