the boys

more victims characters to add to the SSFIV collection! you can view the rest here


dead hearts

another wonderful trip to LA, this time to the Natural History Museum. pardon the stifled squeals in my head, it's just that THEY HAVE FREAKING DINOSAUR SKELETONS AAHH
and yes, of course, they are totally the reason why i went down. *____*

back to the Thinkspace Gallery, this time for Joao Ruas's show. found out about artist Andrea Offermann too, who had a beautiful exhibit of glass, oil, acrylic and other media.. i think. i remember the glass part.

hello, Gallery Nucleus. hello, Justin Sweet's work. hello, art of 3Kicks Studio.

and how was your weekend? mine was fanbloodytastic.


it's time for us to part

also known as i don't give a shit BECAUSE MY BIKE IS AWESOME
for one of my most wonderful bffs of all time. OF ALL TIME

i have been listening to Damian Mcginty's cover of Take Care Of Yourself on repeat because it's just so.. dreamy. 
(that adorable eyebrow twitch!)