sweater weather

dude sitting in front of me in class.


color in your hands

3 weeks until school is over! it's crunch time but i squeezed a little personal thing in :D


some nights

i like painting large trees over populated areas. not sure what to make of this

fight for you

quick portrait study from a Tumblr photo reference.
trying to swing back into painting!


future is now

i don't believe i've uploaded these yet! from Visual Development class last semester with Luc Desmarchelier - he's awesome and i learnt heaps! 



good hunting.
this was supposed to be a submission for something but.. i missed the deadline. wrong timezone aahh. on the bright side, it was painting practice! something i haven't really done recently and i've been itching to try this lighting since i took a bunch of shots recently with this sort of lighting setup.
currently quite fascinated with Axolotls so i wanted to try painting one. i love their faces.