best week of my working life so far when a couple of dudes from the dutch side came over to help us out - the lead game designer and senior programmer.. super funny guys!


baby don't cry

fanbadges! i might make more in the future, we'll see..
One Piece (c) Eiichiro Oda


your galaxy is already shining

- ツナシ・タクト Tsunashi Takuto, STAR DRIVER 輝きのタクト

these were A4 prints sold at a recent local event.
the response was surprisingly better than i thought hurhur
btw if you haven't caught STAR DRIVER, you should. amazing animation with an original story by the good people of Studio Bones *A*


it's always flying children

prints done for a local event.
a tribute to Ghibli and Mucha? i always wanted to try Art Noveau.

playlist: Rock Band tracks. weird i know


plateaus of practice

work stuff. backgrounds that, for several reasons, won't make it in to the final stage. well it was good practice.. but i don't think i'll be drawing any hardware shops for a while haha