Happy holidays!



well school's out for the year, meaning that i'm bombing this page with homework stuff!

T-shirt design

Portfolio cd mailer design
it was a little tough putting this together because i'm generally useless in the physical craft dept

1-page comic illustration
wordless storytelling ftw

teacher: "do what you want"

Asteroid City, acrylic. learnt loads of application tips from this

GARUDA, gouache. check him out on wiki he's so badass

overall it was a pretty cool semester. i had the chance to take two classes with Luc Desmarchelier, who is awesome at what he does and his classes - i took Visual Development and Illustrative Painting - were really helpful. the amount of studio classes i took was a bit much this time though, so i'll be easing up next term to work on more personal stuff. 
for now, gotta run to catch a plane!


catch me

my screen printed poster at ArtCrank 2012 LAX @ Orange 20 Bikes!
honestly, i was so nervous because this was the first time that i was participating in anything like this and i was really hesitant if my work was good enough.. but i guess it turned out okay. meeting people who said they liked my art was a huge boost and it helped that one of my best buds was there with me too :]

here's the original digital design! colors look different when they're screen printed i guess.

also, i have extra copies of my poster because the studio that printed them - Two Rabbits was nice enough to print extras! if anyone wants to buy one, let me know!



some stuff from my travel sketchbook that i -finally- took the time to scan! these were from my school summer trip to Holland/France :D