CGO '08

yeah our annual CG Overdrive held here in dinky little Singapore. my first time attending this event, but no i didn't fork out 300 bucks like FFG did to attend the talks and seminars. just waltzed in with a couple others to see the exhibits and all.

this is Bryan trying to look engrossed in the pamphlet

le Queen and her evil advisor

the Sheridan booth has a CINTIQ up for grabs! 8D

we sat in for a Sheridan drawing workshop thingamajig. interesting dudes, well that's cuz they're Sheridanists!


really gotta love this dude.

uhhhh.. ohkaaaay.

random dude who came over to make fun. fun is good.

this is Bryan using my T2 to sneak overshoulder shots of us. GASP JESKA H4X D8

stupid scribbles o mine.

random person A.

moar jeska h4x.

black splotch. we were challenged to not look down at our page while blocking in value. needless to say, mine came out in one value, black.

3dsense Media School. just the word 3d turns me off. D8

NYP booth! they brought in that F1 Racing simulation thing.


the WACOM booth. they were selling IFS artbooks too.

AAU booth. friendly people they were.

UBISOFT booth. they were looking for potential employees i think.

there was this mini-exhibition showcasing various works from artists of Southeast Asia, theme was "Cartoon". the general opinion we had was that some of them.. didn't really deserve that wall space. but that's just us. some shots of the BETTER works there. :B

all in all, CGO was ok, but it didn't exactly meet my expectations. FFG also said this year's CGO was a disappointment as compared to the previous year's, mebbe they were cutting cost or couldn't get enough sponsors or something. D:
the talks were the only ones worth checking out, although there were good and bad ones too. hmm. we shall see about next year..

oh i managed to meet Clotaire!