A couple of prints I made this year for conventions. Soupy noodles are one of the best winter foods!



Inktober has begun!

Inktober #01 - 10
These are uploaded onto my Instagram, I'm still in the process of acquiring a printer/scanner!


medieval land fun-time world

A Game of Thrones print I made for Wondercon, which happened over the weekend. It was my first Wondercon and also my first time tabling.. It was a blast. Thank you everyone who stopped by and checked out my stuff!


on a roll

An illustration I did at the beginning of the semester for my Senior Portfolio project. I really like long train rides, especially if they're in empty train carriages. Being alone, not thinking too hard about anything, just watching the landscape whizz by, breaking the idyllic silence with occasional munching... 


passing by

 More Twitter art collabs! Ahri for @lucyamorris's League jam and 2nd round for @jmieldesigns's Miyazaki collab, featuring Kazama Shun of From Up On Poppy Hill. Watching him eat his croquette made me hungry.. 


into everything

I've been taking part in various Twitter art collabs and they're really fun! It's cool to see different style interpretations of characters from other artists too. Here are a few I've done:

Hrok for @causeimdanjones's Zelda Collab

Jiro from The Wind Rises (beautiful film, please watch it) for @jmieldesigns's Miyazaki collab

Perdita of 101 Dalmatians for @snarkies's Disney Ladies collab

Pigwidgeon for @_squidbrains's Harry Potter collab

Sanji (in Nami's body) for @Viruul's One Piece Mugiwara collab


we own the night

I was obsessed with a couple of baseball-themed series for a while (actually I still am). 
I found a really cool book in my school library with great baseball photographs and I tried out some pose studies! There is so much dynamism in baseball, it makes me wanna try it out too, as 
un-athletic as I am..



Stuff from my vis dev class with Luc Desmarchelier last semester!