I've been wanting to do a series of prints based on my favorite Ghibli films for a while now and since I'll be tabling for the first time at AX 2013, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to start. I don't know if I'm quite done with this yet but I'll leave it here first..


where the wind blows

went into town for a haircut at one of those trendy Korean places.. 
hairstylists always looking glamorous



young and beautiful fools

A little something I did for an event at Macy's celebrating American Icons. I picked The Great Gatsby because what's not to like about it - the Roaring Twenties, (not-so) secret affairs, dazzling lives of the rich and aimless, champagne..!
To be honest I'm not too satisfied with this, I think there could be more improvements especially on color and layout. Maybe I'll come back and rework this someday.
I was trying so hard to keep from looking up the film because I didn't want to get influenced by what I'm sure are spectacular visuals, but I'm dead set on catching it soon!



here's a major assignment i was working on til recently. the end goal was to design and create a fully playable board game.
i present to you.. Hodge Podge!
basically you run around the board collecting ingredients for recipes and sabotaging other players.

characters. the full-body art never made it to the final version, but they were still fun to work on.

sabotage cards

(some) recipe cards

(a few) ingredient cards

the cards turned out lovely. i could definitely improve on my crafting skills, but all in all it was a pretty challenging and fun project!