the zookeeper's boy

pretty inspired after watching a short film on Van Gogh's paintings in the omnitheatre, so i attempted something.. also related to some school stuff that i thought was gasp, overdue but in the end i did it for nothing..
/slaps self

techno tribal.
if you patronize the F21 online catalog you'll know why. theme forced on me by Ange. curse you, fellow online shopper who shoves pretty internet tabs in my face. D:


only human

and we are all only so much.

30 minutes, morgan le fay wannabe.


dust in my eyes

playlist: the great decay by the great spy experiment on repeat

oic stuff coming up once i'm not too lazy to scan and if they're not too horrendous.


bossa nova

moar studies. i should get around to doing a full piece soon.. but my confidence is all but ebbed.. sigh.

speedpaint session: just assassin.
he can keel you with spoons if he feels like it kay. oh man i can feel my brain juices leaking out of my ears.