school blah blah blah

now that my end-of-sem project is over and 1.5 months of hols be here, it's time to post some stuff up!

this started out as a speedpaint from the robot panel. then i decided to add moar background to him by getting an unlikely counterpart, a tiny girl. and then i added a scene for the sake of having one. :B

Endless Forest is a mindless flower-aura-inducing game. :B
dayam it looks like the stag's farting.

not the most original idea, i know. D:
i still like it though. wheeeeeeeeeee..

Rabbid Fever!
recent sketch colored even more recently cuz i needed stuff for my portfolio. not much of a concept here, just thinking about Alice and the rabbit and how mebbe the rabbit was the real cause of the madness, luring her into a timeless chaos.. blah.


going nuts!

for a friend. something hideously wrong with his arms. gahhhhhhhhh.

oh gawttttttttttttttttt. school is killing me. and 3d animashun! gaaaaaaaaaaaah.
spammage coming along after my final sem project..