1000 years

quick portrait for the last day.
gotta be more productive in the new year!



just a bunch of school stuff. it's winter break now!


color illustration: master parody
i chose a Leyendecker and shoved Twilight Sparkle in there

bunch of eyes in gouache

botanical illustration, gouache

final, gouache.

favorite assignment of the semester, because i got to design and make these adorable lunchbags 8D


the boys

more victims characters to add to the SSFIV collection! you can view the rest here


dead hearts

another wonderful trip to LA, this time to the Natural History Museum. pardon the stifled squeals in my head, it's just that THEY HAVE FREAKING DINOSAUR SKELETONS AAHH
and yes, of course, they are totally the reason why i went down. *____*

back to the Thinkspace Gallery, this time for Joao Ruas's show. found out about artist Andrea Offermann too, who had a beautiful exhibit of glass, oil, acrylic and other media.. i think. i remember the glass part.

hello, Gallery Nucleus. hello, Justin Sweet's work. hello, art of 3Kicks Studio.

and how was your weekend? mine was fanbloodytastic.


it's time for us to part

also known as i don't give a shit BECAUSE MY BIKE IS AWESOME
for one of my most wonderful bffs of all time. OF ALL TIME

i have been listening to Damian Mcginty's cover of Take Care Of Yourself on repeat because it's just so.. dreamy. 
(that adorable eyebrow twitch!)



another landscape practice! the actual photograph is pretty epic


because i'm ready to go

hello world, back after experiencing some downtime - there was a bit of business with Blogger removing my blogs due to perceived spam content, but it's all dandy and rainbows now.
again, more environment sketches from photo reference.. about 30 min each? 
i generally suck at creating environments so i'm focusing on that now..


un-go lama

landscape sketch from photo reference. gotta practice regularly or i'll get rusty.. 

also, i am finding this amusing: what the fuck should i make for dinner


like a love song

so amazing and surreal to see the work of artists you stalk admire in real life, the feeling is just really different! i was first introduced to the delicate art of Audrey Kawasaki about 4 years ago, and i've been in love with her work ever since.. never thought i'd be able to see her gorgeous art up close, but there i was! Mari Inukai's whimsical pieces were another recent discovery as well - how can you not love those characters? being able to create figurines from my own designs someday would be so cool.

trying to go to as many exhibitions/galleries/museums as i can when i'm here, after all i don't know if i'll ever get chances like these again. the amount of exposure and experience is vastly different as compared to back in sg in the end.

come Nov, there's going to be an exhibition by Joao Ruas! unbelievably lucky to be in the vicinity of all these awesome shows by my favorite and fantastic artists. i feel so thankful *____*


beside the green green grass

what would happen if Fionna and Link met?
race, of course.

trying really hard to push the colors and composition, i always feel like there's something lacking. hmm.


fiddle diddle

the final card design done in Illustrator with both front and back sides! this was fun :D


across the pacific

my school life begins again in a whole new world! (cue Aladdin soundtrack)
so here's a bunch of sketches for a class assignment - we're supposed to design a playing card.. IN ILLUSTRATOR. not exactly my forte, but i'm going to take a stab at it.



for a friend (he's a Sakura fanboy)
happy birthday d! :D


au naturel

quick warmup.


fun filled biscuit treats

for a really really good buddy of mine :D
happy birthday!


OIC portrait day july'11

masterpiece in progress, by the great Bay.

collection of photos i took.
more people than i thought i would know appeared, and it was still fun despite the fact that i havent gone in ages. :D

and and there were Shiba Inus! *__*


where no islands should go

i got my free copy of Expose9 in the mail. :D

if you turn to P198, you might see something familiar.

it feels so surreal to see something you've done printed in a book alongside other very crazy awesome art. i'm going to try even harder for the next submission! thank you, Ballistic!


some very nice loot i got from C.XI.
art trades, free drinks, and cool artists. :D



bunch of images done for a concept pitch to a client. it's not a design-related project, the pictures were just requested to illustrate a concept on business innovation.



Okamiden (c) Capcom