like a love song

so amazing and surreal to see the work of artists you stalk admire in real life, the feeling is just really different! i was first introduced to the delicate art of Audrey Kawasaki about 4 years ago, and i've been in love with her work ever since.. never thought i'd be able to see her gorgeous art up close, but there i was! Mari Inukai's whimsical pieces were another recent discovery as well - how can you not love those characters? being able to create figurines from my own designs someday would be so cool.

trying to go to as many exhibitions/galleries/museums as i can when i'm here, after all i don't know if i'll ever get chances like these again. the amount of exposure and experience is vastly different as compared to back in sg in the end.

come Nov, there's going to be an exhibition by Joao Ruas! unbelievably lucky to be in the vicinity of all these awesome shows by my favorite and fantastic artists. i feel so thankful *____*

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