right, so here's something different from my usual stuff. trying out a new style that i was mimicking for some of my freelance work last month.
i could get used to it..


shades of gold

another portrait study, this time one of Jacques Louis David's pieces.
the original can be found here.
trying to step outside the usual safe skin colors.


wip shot.



random portrait quickie.
trying not to blend my stuff so much now, but it feels really harsh and craggy.


boy meets cube

"holy crap this thing has edges! how extraordinary!"

Marchin On // OneRepublic


YES it's a real update

no kidding!
for my dear queen's birthday which falls on halloween. LAST 365 DAYS OF TEENAGEHOOD ENJOY EM WHILE IT LASTS MUAHAHAHA

not much of an update

this was a portrait from the previous OIC Portrait Day @ TNAG. i see this dude's stuff pretty often at most of the Portrait Days i've been to, but i've never got the guts to talk to him hahaha. someday, someday. anyways, i particularly liked this one he did, it reminds me of Miles Edgeworth, maybe because i just finished the Ace Attorney Investigators on NDSl.

aaaand just for kicks here's a shot from my trip to Hokkaido a couple months back. very awesome scenery with very awesome ramen, who can beat that?!
rest of photos can be found on my flickr for bored people.

okay a real update coming soon, over and out!