yellow line

Here is what I've been working on for my Senior Project for the past 6 months! 
Basically a series of illustrations revolving around the themes of food and travel, both of which I am terribly, terribly fond of. We have a adventurer just passing through these landscapes eating and evading stuff. Good times.
I tried to inject memories of my travels to different countries and the great variety of cuisines I've had while growing up into each piece, at the same time striving to keep it fun and funky.







serious game

CTN loot! I got more sketch books this time, trying to get better at injecting more personality into my people sketches. Also had a wicked time at the expo just hanging out with friends, meeting new people and getting lots of helpful feedback on my portfolio. Wrapped the weekend up with an awesome screening of Frozen in 3D at the Disney Lot!



sketchbook scans from my school trip in the summer to Berlin/Prague/Munich!


and counting

a friend's OOTD when I hit the mall with her


it's cold

I can't believe it's November already! October went by in a total blur. I had a great time just hanging out with friends and going to a ton of exhibitions and art events.. Fun times yall. Here's a little circular I created for a school contest.


ready aim fire

Cropped previews of illustrations for my Senior Project!



All 15 inktober sketches! I wish i had done the dailies, but I didn't really have time. Maybe next October!


past is prologue

character concepts for vis dev class. i got feedback about using different shapes and silhouettes so i'm going to work on them a bit more.. guess i got a bit too illustrate-y there?



Something for vis dev class based on The Snake Prince, a Punjabi fairy tale.


ways to go

the first of a series of illustrations for my senior project (which is going to be about food duh haha)
i placed two versions here, the bottom was my original lighting/color scheme which had to be changed to the top one so there was better eye-leading and focal point.