Alive. Barely.

for le Ókami contest on dA. didn't spend enough time on this as much as i'd have liked. :[
and after ogling GunnerRomantic's entry, i doubt i'll stand much of a chance. but oh well. at least i tried.

5 hours in CS3, Leona Lewis's Bleeding Love on repeat.


First & Last.

It's the last day of the holidays, and ironically, I'm posting up the first sketch from a new sketchbook. I have a tendency to not finish my sketchbooks, so all of them are at least 1/3 blank or more. =T

woot i got my own watermark-siggy-symbol-thingamajig!
guess what it is.


for Jeska

a friend's watermark-siggy-symbol-thingamajig.
she likes lobsters. does this look like one?

which reminds me, i need a watermark-siggy-symbol-thingamajig too. D:


ehhhh somehow i use this color scheme pretty often. hmm.
old sketch from 2006? colored in PSCS3.
i like the lighting. hate the hands.

one piece a week eh. feel like i just wasted 6 weeks now. D8