therapy please.

portrait for kicks, done between turns during online monopoly hahaha. had to do this over once because the power to my notebook got cut before i saved. /rant
would anyone know of good brush settings for unruly curls like hers?

naming a dolphin Flipper is like naming your kid Limb.



i'm kind of glad i got to keep this, because i really like it. couple of showdogs that sat for their portraits but wouldnt stop fidgeting. haha. GOLDEN RETRIEVER!

yes, i really really like dogs. and i wish i had one. nice big and furry.
a Night Fury like Toothless would be nice too.


unearthing.. what?

when i was doing this i had to keep reminding myself NOT to make it look like Sakura a la Street Fighter. must have been the school uniform.
most of the time was spent on figuring out a square layout. haha.