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swing de chocobo

Was down in San Diego for the Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert and twas awesome! It was also right next door to Comic-Con so even though we didn't have badges we walked around outside and geeked out over the Assassin's Creed promo ship-yacht-thing for Black Flag. (It came with actual cannons, how cool is that)


tick tock

I've been playing catch up since AX! Taking two summer classes currently and this is a single page comic assignment for one of them - Story In A Picture with Richard Keyes. NO REGRETS whatsoever taking this class, I am really enjoying it! gonna be sad when it ends, but I think my work will really progress after this!



The past few weeks have been hectic as hell! Right off the plane from Germany and we had only 10 days or so to basically draw stuff and print for Anime Expo '13, which was our first US convention! It was one of the times when I could totally express my inner anime geek in front of other people, plus I got to meet lots of cool people and great artists!

after-con in the main lobby on Day 03. It was like this practically every morning before the exhibit hall opened :0

It was just Mel and I at the table this time, which meant we couldn't go around together to check out the other artists' tables :[ we barely had time too since we were usually either taking care of commissions or handling sales.. or going to the restroom.
I was doing mostly colored commissions, because I don't usually get the chance to use my Copics much, only at conventions or portrait drawing sessions, so this was a great 4-day Copic workout!

Gintama sketch commission of Kondo and Hasegawa. I don't personally watch the series, so I wasn't sure how to portray them! Had to watch a bunch of Youtube videos to kinda figure them out

Shinji x Kaworu pairing, as requested.

CAN YOU SAY OLD SCHOOL?!?! I wasn't expecting Digimon commissions, but there you have it! I'm not actually a fan of the whole Digimon franchise, but after hearing my friends talk about it I might give it a shot.

What's our table without a Link to complete it? A commission sample I did. Quite a lot of people seemed to like it  ( ´ ▽ ` )

A sweet girl asked for a colored selfie!

She had the cutest Charizard costume, so this was a really fun commission!

Kuroh and Yashiro from Project K.

Natsume and Nyanko-sensei. The client was so cute, she specified to have 'grass' with them too hahaha!

Masato from Utapri

Cecil from Utapri

Shizuo from Durarara! Definitely one of my favorite commissions to work on because Shizuo is so amusing!

The pair of friends who commissioned these were so adorable that I tried to express that in the Shingeki sketches too (‐^▽^‐)
so, yes, that ends our 4-day AX experience! It was so great to meet (or silently stare at) all these Internet superstar artists, I am definitely going to do this again! Peace out people!