and it was all yellow and blue

there was no warning, no sign.
his eyes simply shut, and he fell into a sleep from which he would never wake again. the hunters who had pursued him, who had wanted the glory of slaying the great beast, who had been his mortal enemy and yet closer to him than any other creature to the very end, they all wept for him, for the passing of the earth's last dragon.

30 minutes this time. whoo.
playlist: coldplay


big fat load of

this looks different on my desktop than on the school macs.


scrawl upon me litany o' misdeeds

impression of impression, sunrise.

switch your Facebook language to English(pirates)beta. 8D


midnight doesn't feel like it

i never get sick of 千と千尋の神隠し. or sticking chinese/japanese characters on my stuff. 8D


the great decay

just some heads for practice. 1.5 hours approx each.


incredibly horsey

from top:
a rare sighting of schoolwork! 10 speedpaintish studies from random photos/paintings. the original plates are either the right or top ones. looks best when each is viewed in 25%.

another screenspeedy, this time from The Incredibles. first one i'm starting straight from color instead of grayscale like i usually do. foliage is time-devouring. D:

speedpaint, 45 min. wasted the other 15 in the loo and looking for references. that is, not in the loo but.. you get the point.
theme was future noir/antihero and/or horseman and/or angel warrior. i actually like this a lot, my first time speeding a horse. references from Tobias Kwan's Horsemen sketch and dA.

i had air for dinner today. :C



more screenspeedpaints, shots from the movie The Color Purple. never watched it though.
caught STAR TREK. that is some epic shit.


aluminium midget

more screenspeedpaints, this time from the Iron Giant. kinda easier to do since it was more stylized. 8D