incredibly horsey

from top:
a rare sighting of schoolwork! 10 speedpaintish studies from random photos/paintings. the original plates are either the right or top ones. looks best when each is viewed in 25%.

another screenspeedy, this time from The Incredibles. first one i'm starting straight from color instead of grayscale like i usually do. foliage is time-devouring. D:

speedpaint, 45 min. wasted the other 15 in the loo and looking for references. that is, not in the loo but.. you get the point.
theme was future noir/antihero and/or horseman and/or angel warrior. i actually like this a lot, my first time speeding a horse. references from Tobias Kwan's Horsemen sketch and dA.

i had air for dinner today. :C

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