30 days, 30 nights in beijing

October was spent in Beijing. which explains the lack of update for that month eh. :D
a bunch of us headed up to CUC [Communication University of China] to collab with their animation students to produce a short animated clip, approx. 1 min. of course, we being the epic ones, blew up over there. the first week spent sightseeing and soaking up culture, the second week discussing and developing our story concept, the third and fourth weeks spent machine-gunning production to make this work.

extra character design, done in like 5 min, haha. this little guy has the cutest walk ever. i'll upload the walk cycle someday.

various backgrounds for the 2d animashun portion in our animation short. colors by me, lineart by Nigel.

various costume designs for the fashion shoot portion. the character is a 3d render, we just slapped 2d clothes and texturespam on him. colors by me, lineart by Nigel, post-processing by Evelyn the PingPong Queen. hey that rhymes!

this trip wouldn't have been possible without the help of the 2 lecturers with us, Mr Chris and Zihao. REALLY. SERIOUSLY. i think we would have kinda.. spontaneously combusted or something without their miraculous lifesaving abilities.
i think this is one of the best overseas trips i've ever been on, everything was great; the food was great, the people were great, the weather was AWESOME. we saw snow! wallowed in snow! built snowmen [lumps, more like]! had snowball fights!

..excuse me while i squeal in the corner for a bit.

of course, not like it was my first time experiencing snowfall, but it's really.. wow. i don't think it ever fails to amaze, especially if you've been living practically on the equator your whole life.

well, but now i guess it's back to reality.. with 30 days of wonderful memory. :3

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