a little something from Mel.. it's a sketchbook containing Joao Ruas's sketches! thank you Mel 

doodle of my birthday outfit. i really really love those leggings, they make me look cooler than my usual dweeby self hahaha!

also, we got a little anonymous mention from one of our favorite photographers - zemotion! one of my lecturers had asked us how we came to know about the school we attend now, because it's kinda small and young compared to some of the other art institutions out there. and i remembered that it was because of one of her tweets mentioning her giving a talk at the school, which made me go check it out. we didn't know that we would eventually end up enrolling then, but we're here now! as fate would have it, our lecturer happened to be acquainted with her, and we were chatting and found out about how we were all linked. a little amusing, amazing and bizarre at the same time. if it weren't for that tweet, we would never have discovered the school and be here today. oh, the power of social media.

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