noise on the train

so i was on the train today and i noticed the carriages were plastered with selected works submitted to the Noise Singapore 2011 Festival Showcase. there were some very cool stuff to see, but it was kinda hard to navigate my way up and down the train through the grumpy morning crowd, so i decided against it.

you can view more shots of the works here
i had also submitted some of my work for the showcase, but as i couldnt see any sign of them from where i was gawking, figured that none of them made the cut.
big surprise on Facebook, when i was linked to the album and spotted this:

wow. this is just.. wow. i mean, seriously, wow.
this is the first time i've seen my work displayed in such a public location, and i felt so overwhelmed when i saw it. i am endeavoring to try to get a look in real life on the train before it gets taken down.
this is one of those times when you just feel so.. overcome.
this is when you realize that you want to create even more, to fill the world and inspire it, and just leave an impression on as many people as you can, even if it's just for a moment on a busy train.

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