g is for gambit

evidence of what i've been doing during the summer over in the Singapore-MIT Game Lab in Cambridge, MA. the team i was with ended up making 2 games, quite a challenge but it was amazing all the same.

some random character sketches.. we ended up with a weird purple horned dude in a rubber ducky.

concepts for the backgrounds for one of the games

logos and poster designs

SSFIV had just came out so.. i might have gone a little crazy and did some fanart mashing SSFIV style with some of the games' characters.

my team's games are called Seer and Yet One Word, just click to check them out on the Gambit site! check out the other team's games too, pretty cool stuff as well.
all these wouldn't have been possible without the awesome people in my team, and the very cool folks at the Singapore-MIT Gambit lab. thanks everyone, for making what could be the best summer of my life yet.

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